FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

S-30 Chuck Capper

Resina S-30 Chuck Capper

The S-30 is a heavy duty, self-contained, automatic, “chuck" style, bottle capping machine. It is specifically designed to be highly versatile, with fast changeover. It will apply caps at a rate of up to 60 per minute, depending upon cap size. The S-30 is available with both standard mechanical clutches or a servo motor upgrade. It comes equipped with our H-26 vertical dial pin hopper/sorter, which is one of the best on the market today. 6’6” of conveyor, NEMA-4 control panel, variable speed motors, and controls are all standard.

Applications: The S-30 can apply caps ranging from 10-70mm.

Speed: The S-30 Chuck Capper is capable of running speeds up to 60 CPM (caps per minute).

Function: Bottle cap moves by gravity through an easily adjusted Stainless Steel top cap chute into a Stainless Steel cap chute end. Cap transfer button strips the cap out of the chute end after receiving a signal that a container is in place. An air-actuated mechanical chuck cams up and down to pick up the cap. It then cams down to torque the cap onto the container with a patented Heavy Duty Clutched station for accurate torque control without “scuffing” or “burning” the caps. This clutch function can also be done through the use of servo motors as utilized in the lower machine pic.