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Your source for new and used cappers and capping machine parts. All Resina products are proudly built in the United States of America.

New Inline Capping Machine Models: NRC-20, NRC-40, NRK-400

New Chuck Capping Machine Models: NRS-30, NRS-51

New Fitment, Capping, Lidding, and Snap Cap Machine Models: NRU-F, NRP, NRL-39, NRL-70

Ask about our change parts, wear parts, spare capper parts, container chuck rubbers, bottle gripper belts, chain runner guides, conveyor chain parts, cap hopper parts, rubber quill discs, gripper chains, and sprockets, which we all stock.

Resina Capping Machinery Remanufacturing Program

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The Resina Capper Factory Rebuild program can rejuvenate your tired old capping machine. Years of use and abuse can be corrected by allowing our experienced technicians to tear-down, clean, replace, or recondition worn parts to rebuild your old capper. We can also adapt it to your plant's current requirements. We can provide your capping machine with new tooling, upgrade your capper with new developments (such as our air actuated Cap Chuck), provide interlocked safety guards, and implement our new electronics package.

The cost of Rebuilding will vary depending on the condition of your capping machine. The base price for complete capper reconditioning includes: Rework or Replacement of all bushings, Main driveshaft and cams, Pulleys, Bearings, Slide assemblies, Sprockets, Belts, Wear strips, and Cleaning and painting of the base frame with protective paint. New wiring and electronic controls are also an option for your capping machine. All cappers sent in for rebuilding which do not have a functioning safety guarded enclosure with electronic interlocks will be required to have them installed or repaired to meet current OSHA standards.


BEFORE Capper Rebuild

AFTER Capper Rebuild