FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

NRT-20 Cap ReTorquer


Model NRT-20 Automatic Cap Retorquer

The NRT-20 in-line cap torquing system is designed to ensure proper cap tightness when a simple capping machine or two-station retorquer is not enough. This retorquer finds its niche in high speed applications, or for products that must maintain precise closure tension. It comes with our NEMA 4 control panel, electronic safety interlocks, complete enclosure, and 8’ of conveyor.

Application: The NRT-20 retorquer is designed to tighten caps to their designated tension while passing through the 2 quill stations.

Speed: The NRT-20 retorquing machine adjustable from 10-120mm caps at speed up to 250 per minute.

Function: The NRT-20 is a self-contained "in-line" "C" frame designed for tightening caps or pump/trigger sprayers. Used in line after induction sealing as an independent retorquer. It is small and compact allowing you to roll it up to an existing conveyor line. The NRT-20 is designed to eliminate "hand tightening" that could lead to carpel tunnel syndrome problems.

Ideally suited to retorque caps that have "backed off" after induction sealing. Optionally, equipped with the Trigger Pump Pedal Guide assembly allowing some Spray Pumps to be aligned and tightened automatically while others have to be hand started before they can be tightened.