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Resina Capper Parts


Here at Resina®, we fully support all of our capping machine models, and offer a wide variety of change and wear parts. We proudly manufacture all of our parts right here in the USA, and it is our pleasure to assist with your company's capping needs.

For all parts inquiries, please email a Resina® salesperson at, including your machine's model #, serial #, and all parts or components needed. If your machine's model information has been lost or serial #'s have been removed, please send us an email including pictures of your machine, and a general machine description. This information will assist us in making sure you receive the correct parts needed for your plant.

If you wish to speak with a Resina® salesperson by phone, you may call us toll free at:

(800) 207-4804 or (951) 296-6585. We would be happy to help with your factory's requirements, and greatly appreciate your business!


Chuck Capper Spare and Wear Parts are typically stocked. (These models include S-20, S-30, S-41, S-51, NRS-30, NRS-51)

Wear parts for our "chuck" style machines include but are not limited to: bottle holder springs, chuck rubber grip rings (which may need to be specially cut for your specific cap application), chute tension springs, connecting links, stud-cam rollers, timer / holder gears, ball bearings, cap elevator flights, bottle timers, elevator and conveyor chains, and all commonly worn bushings / bearings.

We fully support Resina® single-head chuck style capping machines, and offer a wide variety of spare parts.

These include chuck assemblies, container timers / holders, cams, air cylinders, air valves, outboard holder gears, ball bearings, thrust bearings, bearing posts, mechanical clutch parts and assemblies, pneumatic and magnetic clutch parts, bronze bushings, cam followers, container holder lever assemblies, slide springs, tension springs, potentiometers, electronic safety interlocks, screws, keyways, fasteners, conveyor motors, gearboxes, lever arms, tension levers, slide racks, gears, shafts, dowel pins, roller pins, cam rollers, bushings, pin pivots, endless springs, hinges, and all other replacement parts.

Inline Capper Spare / Wear Parts (NRC-20, NRC-30, NRC-40, U-30, U-40, NRU-30, NRU-40, NRP-30, NRL-39, NRL-70, NRRC-4, NRK-400, NRX-4000, RW-500)

Inline Capper Wear Parts: Quill grip rubbers (gripper disks), gripper belts, sprocket wheel bearings, beltbox bearings, beltbox assembly belts, gripper blocks, gripper chaines, idler sprocket bearings, and tightening discs.

We also have any other Inline Resina Capping Machine Parts you may need including: Timing belt drive parts, short housings, motors, sprockets, reducers, reducer base plate, quill support, quill top plates,  chute stabilizers, 1st quill station sub-assemblies, universal joints, oil seals, retaining rings, snap rings, disc parts, bottom flange, lock studs, 2nd/3rd/4th sub assemblies, clutch sub assemblies, quill top flanges, clutch assembly hardened plates, clutch insert discs, quill clutch assemblies, beveled springs, connecting sprockets, adjustment nuts, clutch cups, clutch sleeves, clutch shafts, bushings, quill bracket assemblies, connecting shafts, quill adjustment bracket, quill adjustment knobs, quill adjustment brackets, locating pins, slide quill mounts, quill adjustment shaft,  stabilizer position locks, anti-rotate brackets, top slide guides, spacers, suspension blocks, link pins, bottom slide guides, plugs, long pedal rods, pedal bar links, quill brackets, pedal link pins, long pedal rods, bellow rings, cover rings, support posts, pivot rods, short pedal rods, quill mount blocks, quill spring mounts, anti-rotate brackets, stabilizer runner blades, stabilizer dovetails, overhead kits, hex nuts, spring bars, spring bar posts, compression springs, cover plates, feet for base frame, bellow rings, cover rings, bearing blocks, swivel wheels, housing boots, indicator adapters, crank handles, drive sprockets, gripper adjust screws, shaft couplings, flange bearings, and drive shaft spacers.