FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

NRRC-4 Rotary

Model NRRC-4 Rotary Chuck Capper

The Resina® NRRC-4 Rotary Chuck Capper is designed to provide chuck capping function in a fluid and constant motion and to promote faster run speed in comparison to a conventional chuck capper for specific applications. This machine utilizes an oscillating overhead turret and rotating container feed system to prevent the stop and go motion associated with a traditional chuck capper.

This model capping machine comes equipped with a" floor level loading HES (Hopper/ Elevator/ Sorter), a NEMA-4 control panel, and variable speed AC motors.

Applications: The NRRC-4 rotary capping machine is designed to run containers with caps up to 89mm in diameter.

Speed: The NRRC-4 capping machine runs at speeds up to 80 per minute in the 4 head configuration, and up to 145 for the 8 head. Speed limited by container, cap, and product.