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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

Cap Sorting Machinery & Hoppers


Bulk Cap Hopper Elevator Sorter HES


• Unique Resina® Crossover cap chute allows
the HES to be easily placed into any production line

• Elevators with conveyor chains from 6” wide to 36”
wide are available with speeds over 600 per minute

• 5-11 cu. ft. bulk hopper bins for caps depending
on conveyor width

• Made in USA 

The Resina® HES delivers properly oriented caps
via a discharge chute on demand. The caps are
elevated and oriented on specially designed
“flights,” attached to a delrin belt from the floor level
bulk cap hopper. The HES has all stainless steel
construction (304 or 316), NEMA 4 control panel,
PE eye for feed control, and an air clutch for motor
protection - all which come standard.





H-42 Dial Cap Sorting Machine

•Large size 42" hopper dial allocates much higher
cap sorting speeds

•Air controlled release of caps ensure properly
orienated caps at every high rate of speed.

• NEMA-4 electrical control panel

• "C" frame simply slides into place on any production line









H-26 Dial Based Cap Sorter

• Regular size 26" hopper ring dial provides high
cap sorting speeds

• Air controlled cap release ensures for properly
oriented caps at high rates of speed

• NEMA-4 electrical control panel

• Can be mounted on any machine