FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

NRC-20 entry level InLine Capper

MODEL NRC-20 HES Capping Machine

The NRC-20 is a self-contained “In-line” capping system designed for tightening caps or pump/trigger sprayers. This capper is small and compact, allowing you to roll it up to an existing conveyor line with ease. The cap hopper system on this unit is built onto the frame to remove the need for an extra adjustment during changeover. Machine includes a simple hand crank height adjustment allows for quick and easy adjustments without the need for tools. Individually adjustable standard or optional pneumatic clutches allow for on-the-fly cap torque adjustments. An optional HES Hopper Elevator Sorter is available for the NRC-20, and integrates seemlessly to accomodate your cap inflow needs. All Resina® Cappers are made in the USA.

Application: The NRC-20 capping machine can apply caps ranging from 10-70mm in size.

Speed: The NRC-20 capping machine is capable of speeds up to 100 caps per minute (CPM).

Function: "C" style frame simply slides into place onto any production line. Parts are interchangeable with existing Resina® Cappers.