FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

NRS-51 SPL Large Auto Cap Fitment


Model NRS-51 SPL Large Fitment Capper

The NRS-51 SPL is a heavy duty, self-contained, versatile, automatic fitment style machine - designed to apply large size caps and tops to (70-120mm) with easy change over. The NRS-51 SPL runs at speeds up to 60 per minute; limited only by container, cap, and product.

This model capping machine also comes equipped with our 12" floor level loading HES (Hopper/ Elevator/ Sorter), standard 9’6” conveyor, a NEMA-4 control panel, and variable speed AC motors.

Applications: The S-51 handles a wide variety of large caps and extra large containers ranging from 70-120mm

Speed: The S-51 caps your large containers at speeds of up to 60 caps per minute limited only by your product and container.

Function: Cap moves by gravity through an easily adjusted Stainless Steel top cap chute into a Stainless Steel cap chute end. Cap transfer button strips the cap out of the chute end after receiving a signal that a container is in place. An air actuated chuck moves up and down to pick up the cap. It then lowers to press the cap onto the container with a heavy duty fitment chuck.