FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

NRF- Fitment ApPlicator


Model NRF - Fitment Applicating Machine

he NRF Fitment Applicator is designed to take fitments or “shaker tops,” orient them, then place them in a container. Though intended mainly for customers in the spice industry, this machine is very versatile and provides for several
applications. Variations of this machine are also designed to press on fitment tops, caps, and inserts onto their designated containers. It comes equipped with our H-26 cap hopper/sorter, which is the best on the market. It also comes with a, NEMA 4 control panel, 8’ of conveyor, and complete safety guards, which all come standard.

Application: The NRF Fitment Applicator is capable of speeds up to 300 per minute.

Speed: Adjustable from 10-70mm caps, fitments, or inserts at speed up to 300 per minute.

Function: H-26 Vertical Pin Dial integrated cap/insert/fitment hopper/sorter